Are you an ex member visiting this web site?
Have you not renewed for 2016 or previous years?
How would like to self-re-join using your current e mail address using the following the instructions?

Why would you want to do that?

Here’s why;

If you self-join the Society on line as an ex member, between now and 23rd November (cheque payment)  or 30th November (Pay Pal), you will be able to take up our offer of a 5 for 4 in which you will be sent the forthcoming winter 2016 journal and all of the 2017 journals for the 2017 membership fee of £20 (family membership £25) European and Rest of the World, normal rates apply.

Applicants who do not wish to use Pay Pal can send a cheque made out in favour of the G Scale Society for the correct remittance and mark your cheque 5 for 4 offer. Cheques payments must be received 7 days earlier (23rd November)

This offer ends on 30th November 2016.