Committee of the G Scale Society

(and other organisers)

Honorary President:
Paul Felton

Vice President:
Mike Holbrook

Vice President:
Roy Pedder

Vice President:
Alan Eccles

Nigel Cooper

Eric Upton


Email: Chairman

Nigel Cooper

Nigel Cooper


Vice Chairman
Responsibilities: Deputising for the Chairman as necessary as well as undertaking special projects on behalf of the Society.

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Nigel Cooper

Paul Hunt

Responsibilities: Looking after the Society’s financial affairs by ensuring that all money received is paid in promptly and that all bills are paid on time. Drawing up an Annual Budget and preparing Annual Accounts each year.

Email: Treasurer

Fraser Neilson

Membership Secretary
Responsibilities: Maintaining the Society’s membership database and mailing lists, mailing out joining packs to new members, and other activities regarding the membership of the Society.

Email: Membership

Mike Duffy

Mike Duffy

Publicity Officer
Responsibilities: Promoting the G Scale Society with the publicity stand at various shows around the country and for all publicity within the Society.

Email: Publicity

Stephen Parberry

Gerry Pedder



Responsibilities: Organising venues, layouts and trade support for national events involving the G Scale Society.

Email: Event Manager


Responsibilities: Organising Annual General and Committee meetings and taking the minutes; keeping the Society’s archive records; running the annual draw; co-ordinating insurance for the Society and those members enjoying extension cover; acting as main contact point for those writing to or e-mailing the Society.

Email: Secretary

Ian Stringer

Journal Co-ordinator
Responsibilities: Although I’m the one that is on the committee there is in fact a team of Journal Co-ordinators, including Ian Stringer. We produce and publish the Society’s quarterly magazine, called the G Scale Journal, and also the annual calendar, annual AGM leaflet and any other publications as required. I also administer the members’ annual modelling competition.

Email: Journal

Other Elected Committee Members

Other Non-Elected Committee Members

Area Group Coordinator

Matthew Edwards

Email: Group Coordinator

Elected Committee Member


Email: Committee 1

Elected Committee Member

Roy Crofton-Mann

Email: Committee 2

Andrew Moorhouse

Andrew Moorhouse

Responsibilities: Maintaining and updating the main website.

Email: Webmaster

Roy Pedder

Roy Pedder

G Scale Clothing

Email: G Scale Clothing

Zoe Deeley

Assistant Webmaster
Responsibilities: Maintaining and updating the main website.

Email: Assistant Webmaster

Pip Warne

Advertising Manager
Responsibilities: Dealing with all trade advertising. Please note that private members adverts for the Journal should be sent to Ian Stringer.