Partial lifting of lock-down


Covid-19 and the partial lifting of lock-down

The Society very much appreciates that members are anxious for things to get back to ‘normal’, whatever that is likely to be, once this is all over.

Please bear in mind that each country within the UK and those overseas will have differing advice, guidance, rules & regulations and we each must follow our country’s instructions.

On Monday 1 June, England relaxed its lock-down to allow 6 individuals from differing households to meet together, observing social distancing, outside including our gardens.

This has led some to consider a running session in the garden, as a start point on the road to our favourite pastime, running trains socially, an important element of the Society.

If you are considering such an activity on a private basis, you can stop reading now!

However, if the event is to be organised under the auspices of The G Scale Society, read on.

Anyone wishing to undertake such an event in England is asked to please refer to the guidance link below.


Please note the specific guidance for catering and the use of toilet facilities.  We would add to this that the sharing of control handsets needs careful consideration.  The three most effective ways that this virus transmits is through breath exhalation (coughing & sneezing), via our hands and the residue remaining on hard surfaces (hand controllers, for example).  Please be ultra-cautious in all three areas.  It would be advisable to have hand wipes or gel available in strategic places.

It would be remiss of me not to note that our Society Public Liability Insurance does NOT cover Covid-19 related consequences.

If you require further guidance, please contact