We are introducing the second stage of facilities available to us in MOJO, our Membership Database with effect from 1st July 2016. From this date all new members and any members who re-join for 2016 using the database to self-join, or self-renew, will be able to download and print off their own membership card at that time, or at a later date when convenient to do so. Multiple membership cards for family membership must be down loaded and printed off separately, one by one.

It is recommended that the printed cards have some form of protection to enable them to last for up to twelve months.

All membership cads so printed must be in colour. Black and white copies and photocopies will not be regarded as a valid membership card.

Members who do not have the facility to print their cards as outlined, should contact the Membership Secretary.

Current members in possession of 2016 cards will enjoy this facility from 1st December 2016, the first date for renewing for 2017, when membership fees for ordinary adult members will be £20 and Junior Members £10. all other membership rates will remain unchanged.

Further information can be found within the post Membership Matters dated 2th May 2016.

Membership Secretary May 2016