GRail 2018 Travel News

We have been informed that the M1 at Junctions 23a to 24 will be CLOSED from 2200 Friday 11 May until 1500 Sunday 13 May.

The exit Junction for Harvey Hadden is 26. Travelling from the north may not be too disrupted, travelling from the south and east are likely to be most affected.

The Harvey Hadden Sports Village (NG8 4PB) is between the M1 and A52 and south of the A610.


A possible solution follows:

Planning a route that avoids the East Midlands Airport by at least five miles would be a wise move!  Tuning your in-car system to pick up ongoing traffic news would also be a good idea, if you have one.

If travelling up the M1 from the South consider leaving at junction 21A.

Take the A46 towards Newark for about 20 miles then turn off onto the A606 to Nottingham.

This route is about equidistant to that using the M1 to junction 26 but under normal circumstances, takes 10 to 15 minutes longer.  It includes about six miles of single carriageway along the A606 and will probably be busier than usual due to the M1 closure

If travelling from the West Midlands, suggest avoiding the northern part of the M42/A42. Consider the M69 to the M1 junction 21 and the above route to Nottingham.

An alternative would be the A38 towards Derby, then the A52 to the M1 junction 25 northbound leaving the M1 at junction 26.  There may be some delays in the Derby area.  In particular take care to avoid the last eastbound part of the A50, south of Derby, as traffic here will most likely be affected by the closure.

Please be aware that all restrictions are scheduled to be lifted by 1500 on Sunday allowing for a relatively free return journey.

This advice is given freely and without liability to the Society in any way.

For further details please seek information from travel related websites.

Alternatives suggested by EM group
From South and London use A1 to A52
From South west A38 to Derby then A52
allow more time as both will be busy.