G Scale Society
Members’ Sales Stand

The sale will be held at G Rail 2017, Staffordshire Showground
on Sunday 14th May 2017.

Please note the following procedure:-

1. This year, as last year, we will not be using a numbered ticket system for Members.

2. When an announcement is made that the Members Sales Area is open for trading, which is expected to be approximately.
11.00 am to 11.30 am, Members may proceed to that area. Entry will be by means of a barrier queuing system and Members
will be required to show their membership card to the steward.

3. Once members have completed their business, they are asked to leave the area to allow others in.
Members with items to sell should check in on arrival if possible. If members arrive after the stand opening time with goods to
sell or with 5 to 20 items with no prior arrangement or sales stand listing form(s) – IT WILL BE AT OUR DISCRETION AS TO

The following are a few instructions concerning the booking in of sales items:

1. Please provide a legible list of items for sale, clearly marked with your membership number, name and preferred selling

2. For lists of five to twenty items please post a copy of the list to my home address, to assist with sales number allocations. I
would appreciate these lists two weeks prior to the event, where possible.

3. If any member requires sales forms can they either (a) contact me via email at mikethurlow@hotmail.co.uk or landline on
01767 682512 or (b) download one from this page.

4. If any item is heavily modified, or special in some way, a card should be attached to the item identifying the speciality.

5. Only G Scale items (or equivalent) should be submitted for sale, non-G and non-railway items do not sell and take up space.

6. All locomotives should be operational, unless clearly marked ‘for breaking’ or ‘for spares’ etc.

7. No faulty electrical items will be accepted for sale.

8. It would be helpful if sellers would check back with the sales stand from time to time, after the initial selling period to see if
it is necessary to make price adjustments.

9. Purchases are to be paid for with cash or cheques (supported by a guarantee card) ONLY.

10. The Society takes 10% commission on all sales, to go to the general fund.

Finally, no items purchased from the Sales Room is to be offered for sale on a trade or exhibiting layout on the day of the Show.

Mike Thurlow

Cobblers Cottage, The Baulk, Beeston, Sandy, Bedfordshire, SG19 1NR


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