Membership Renewals


Whilst it remains preferrable not to send cheques during the continuing issues with the Covid 19 pandemic, it is understood that there may be those who do not have any other choice, or ability to do otherwise, including the now difficulty of asking someone else to do it for you, so let me assure you that cheques can be sent if all avenues have been considered and rejected. Of course the less I receive in my house the better.

If this is to be the case, please send only  your cheque with you membership number written on the back, which will be received and processed after a delay.

I am obliged to state that if you have any symptoms of the virus, or are having to isolate due to contact and trace, do not send anything until your quarantine period has elapsed.

I regret this pernickety instruction on top of all the other stuff that we have had to endure, but hopefully there is a light showing at the end of the tunnel, and that this restrictive practice for cheques will never have to be repeated again.

December 2020

Membership Secretary