Membership renewals for 2018 have been exceptionally good this year, perhaps in response to the new plastic membership cards coming in the Spring Journal in March 2018. However at the time of writing, there are 144 members still to renew their membership or advise that that no longer wish to do so.

If you are browsing through this website because the weather is preventing outdoor pursuits then now is the time to renew on line or send a cheque to renew for 2018. Don’t wait until the last few days before G Rail before doing so as it puts at risk the arrival in the post of your new membership card to gain entry at discounted prices and access to the Members Sales Stand.

Please be aware, in line with past practice, you will not be able to gain any form of discount if you do not have your membership card with you at the front door, nor will there be a retrospective discount if you then join at the show after entry at the full price. However you will be able to proceed to the Members Sales Stand after renewal and receipt of your new card.

New members joining before G Rail will be afforded the same facility, subject to postal deliveries, so allow at least one working week for application, process and delivery of your Joining Pack. New members joining at G Rail will also be able to gain access to the Members Sales Stand but will not be eligible for a retrospective show entry discount.

Having a membership card in your possession is your responsibility to gain access to G Rail at discounted rates  so arrangements should be made well in advance of the date of Sunday 13th May.

Thank you to everyone who has renewed this year by whatever method adopted.

 Your Renewal 2018