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Due to the restrictions caused by the Covid 19 virus we have suspended the handling of cheque payments temporarily and this will only resume when it is safe to do so.
In the meantime we recommend renewal or joining by using our payment method of “Stripe” (recommended) with your debit or credit card, or if you prefer, Pay Pal but note you do not have to have an account with them to do so, Enter as a guest. It is not possible to assist with any issues with Pay Pal as we have no resources to do so.
We do not have access to Debit or credit card payments with the banks.

If you do not use or have a computer, is there a family member or friend who can assist, or do it for you ? If this is not possible please telephone the Membership Secretary to advise of your issues.
It is regretted that such restrictions are in force but needs must and there is no alternatives available whilst there is no vaccine for this virus.
Please be assured that we will resume cheque payments when it is deemed safe to do so.
Your cooperation and understanding in advance is very much appreciated.

Membership May 2020.

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All members who have still to renew their membership with the Society for 2020 will be renewed under the new arrangements of a 12 months membership from the date of renewal and journals will be sent as published.
The Spring 2020 Journal has already been published, so the next publication is Summer which you will receive along with Autumn, Winter and Spring 2021 editions when available.
Back numbers of Journals are available for purchase. Please contact the Membership Secretary for details.

The renewal method for the Society is now 12 months from the date of joining (effective from 20th May 2019) for all new members and their renewal when it is due will be dealt with as it arises. For all those members preceding this date the renewal date is 1st January and this tends to be a busy period resulting in delays for cheque handling. Please consider renewing inline, but if this is not for you, then be aware that there may be a delay of out to 1 week.

Email acknowledgements are sent to all those who continue to keep their contact details up to date, and for all others the receipt of the Spring Journal will confirm membership renewal.

New Members may also join by printing out the G Scale Society Web Application Form and returning it with a cheque for the appropriate amount to the Membership Secretary (offline use).

We now have an additional method of payment known as “Stripe” which allows you to use your card to renew your membership, which will avoid the use of Pay Pal, if desired. Log on to your page on the web site and select “renew” followed by the first payment option and follow the instructions.

You can of course continue to use Pay Pal or send a cheque for the appropriate amount, made out to the “The G Scale Society”.

Membership Secretary
December 2019

Difficulty logging into the membership system?

If this is the case please send an e mail to the membership secretary at membership@gscalesociety.com with your new e mail address and this will be updated for you.

Would all members having difficulty logging into the Membership System get in touch with the Membership Secretary, first before attempting to renew as a new member. Those who are doing so are causing delay to renewals due to conversion back to original details.

If you are having problems please recall which e mail address you supplied previously, or did someone else give you their e mail address to make original contact? This is where many members are experiencing difficulty.

Simply get in touch first to find out which e mail address we hold for you.

Your co-operation would be greatly appreciated.

Membership enquiries: membershipadmin@gscalesociety.com

All membership inquiries should be referred directly to the Membership Secretary and not to the Web Master or Keith Edwards. This only causes delays to any response expected at this very busy renewal time.

As renewals progress it may take a few days before you get a response from the Membership Secretary as all e mails are dealt with in chronological order.

Membership renewals by post will also be dealt with as received and loaded to the system in similar order so please expect there to be a delay before making an inquiry about receipt of your letter and cheque.

All on-line renewals are working well with little or no delay so far.

As always, your cooperation at his time is greatly appreciated.

Membership Secretary