1st LGB set 29450 valued at £850
Bought from Arcadia Models
Won by ticket no 08026
Alan bixley 4070

2nd prizes the Golden ticket.
valued at £250
Won by ticket no 10789
G.f.Rudkins 1365

3rd prize donated by Roundhouse Engineering
Won by ticket no.17562
Niger Ruck.2510

4th prize donated by Pendale valley workshop.
Won by ticket no.25227
Member no.651

5th prize donated by Accucraft Ltd.
Won by ticket no.22043
Eric Upton. 850

6th prizes donated by The Spares Man
Won by ticket no.18264

7th prize donated by Steam models and spares..
Toy train waggon
Won by ticket no.17280
John J Liggat 4139

8th prize donated by Swift 16.
Resin Ore waggon kit
Won by ticket no. 10226
Lee butler 3801

9th prize Donated by Thornly Minitures
Won by ticket no. 03896
M.d.f.Niblock 149

10th prize Donated by P+S hobbies
Won by ticket no. 17525

11th prizes Donated by Arcaddia Models
Won by ticket no. 22634
Malcolm Tather 1254

12th prize donated by Garden Rail
Won by ticket no. 14112
Tim Stead 1480

13th prize donated by SMTF. Prize to be a mystery gift
Won by ticket no. 28231
Brenda Robertson
14th prize donated by I.P Engineering
Won by ticket no. 25514
A Golmlin

15th prize donated by Terrain Models
Won by ticket no 28313
Laurence Atherton 4164

16th prize donated by Blackhome transfers
Won by ticket no. 27676
B.Williams 3105

17th prize donated by the G Scale society
Won by ticket no 30827
Ken mccormick 4256

18th prize donated by Tag Gorton
Won by ticket no. 11532
Graham Austin 4187

19th prize donated by Maple Trading Co.
Won by ticket no 19845
B.Ashton 936

20th prize donated by Jackson minitures
Won by ticket no. 29641
R.Mcdondald 2771

21st prizes donated by Chalk Garden Rail
Won by ticket no. 18316
B.Lawiance 3192

22nd prize donated by Garden Rail Specialist.
Won by ticket no 22648
Mr Tather 1254