Following the cancellation of Dave Lawrence’s planned open day this Sunday AUGUST 14th JOHN STEER (Wiltshire) has stepped in with a Short Notice Open Day this Sunday.

Sunday 14th August: John Steer’s Forest Line near Warminster in Wiltshire

John Steer (Wiltshire Area) is hosting a replacement OPEN DAY this SUNDAY 14th from Midday Tea and Coffee will be available all day.
Please bring your own lunches.
IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN to this woodland-located line; off a track accessing a paintball site
PHONE JOHN for ESSENTIAL DIRECTIONS before getting lost !

01985 215 830
This extensive layout has a couple of continuous running loops and uses ANALOGUE controls.Photographs from the April and May Newsletters are included here.One loop has a Jumbo controller – so current for large locos is not a problem. Some digitally-fitted locos have declined to operate/respond – it maybe that the Jumbo’s output is not smooth enough for some digital decoders.

THE FOLLOWING OPEN DAYS ARE (as in the last newsletter / the website / the forum:
Ray and Kath:      Sunday August 21st: Analogue, Digital, Live Steam.
Keith and Barbara  SATURDAY August 27th: Analogue with Magnets Jack and Rosemary
Saturday 3rd September (Hollycombe has its Model Weekend on 3rd and 4th September – we will be there with a layout