Bideford Light Railway.  10ft x 6ft G Scale
Size 14ft x 12ft G Scale

Playmobil  Size 20ft x 10ft G Scale
Whiteleaf Tramway Size 45ft x 9ft G Scale
Badgers Mill Size 19ft x 7ft G Scale
Sagor Size 20ft x 2ft G Scale
A Swiss Tour Size 32ft x 14ft G Scale
High Reaches Size 38ft x 10ft G Scale/16mm
Melinllechi Size 20ft x7ft 16mm
Garside Size 21ft x 9ft 16mm
Moordale Size 34ft x 6ft Gauge 1
Toton Sidings   16ft x 3ft G Scale

West Midlands Group Size 10ft x 10ft Gn15


More will be added as and when they are confirmed.

Held at The GSS Garden Railway Show 2019,
Harvey Hadden Sports Village, Wigman Road, Nottingham NG8 4PB
on Sunday 19th May 2019.