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The West Midlands area group covers the Birmingham / West Midlands conurbation and Worcestershire. We hold monthly meetings at our club room, the Scout HQ, next to St Mary’s Church Hall, in Solihull on Saturdays between September and May – see diary for dates. The club room is only minutes away from junction 5 of the M42.
We have our own club layout which is available for any member to run trains on during meetings, see “Blythe Valley” below. Refreshments are available throughout the day. There are members bring and buy stalls and retailers’ sales stands at some of our gatherings. Our usual traders are:

The Sparesman (07968595754) and John Sutton Books and Models (johnsuttonbooksandmodels.co.uk)  are our usual traders. John Sutton is offering a 5% discount to West Midlands G Scale Society members on all Accucraft live steam locomotives and rolling stock. Proof of membership may be required.

Anyone contemplating joining us is always welcome to attend one of these monthly meetings to see what we get up to.
Additionally, one of our meetings (usually in February) incorporates our annual model railway exhibition.
During the Summer months many of our members hold open days on their own railways thus providing us with a full social calendar throughout the year. We like to see ourselves as a friendly bunch and would welcome anyone who has an interest in G Scale to come and join us.
For more details, contact Paul Blake Group leader 01299 826022


The West Midlands G Scale Group hosts an active Gn15 section

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The West Midlands G Scale hosts an annual Model Railway Exhibition

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One I Made Earlier

The West Midlands G Scale Group has many talented modellers. To see examples of their work

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Our Layouts

The West Midlands G Scale Group has two layouts To see details

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The West Midlands G Scale Group member John Bint began this model. Fellow member Dave Tilling is completing it .

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Or watch on-line

See also in the Coventry Evening Telegraph:



Following John Bint’s illness, Dave Tilling has taken on the task of completing John’s last modelling project. click on the


button to see this Magnum Opus.

Alan Eccles has had an article published in the June 2020 edition of “Garden Rail” under the pen name “Alan Damar”. The article is reproduced on the Gn15 page

All events, HAVE BEEN CANCELLED until further notice

The AGM in Reading on the 9th May has also been cancelled, as has the entire ALSRM Reading Show, of which the AGM was part of.

Other News
Paul’s latest Newsletter

Can it really be that the last time we met at the scout hut was 14th March 2020!! Since then we’ve entered a period of surrealism no one would have imagined. Shielding, self isolating, lockdown, track and trace, furlough, the list of words we were not familiar with goes on though we have all come to terms with living with.

So what has this meant for members of our G Scale group? With the amazing warm weather we have had, it’s certain that the garden railways of members have been put to good use providing much needed pleasure and
perhaps a focus to the endless days of lockdown. Maybe the days have offered an opportunity for thoughts to drift to a major overhaul of ones layout, maybe a refurb, perhaps a tweaking here and there or in at least one case, the opportunity to have a block of the most elusive of gifts, ‘uninterrupted time’ in which to realise the dream ……to finish the long awaited layout. What will be so wonderful is being able to look forward to seeing any changes that have come to fruition during 2020 when we meet at our open days in 2021.

Having had to curtail our Solihull meets and the open days , the chatting and banter that is accompanied by tea and biscuits with friends will have been greatly missed by many but keeping in touch with one another has been happening and small numbers of members, within the guidance, are now beginning to meet. Whilst it would be good to think we could have a meet at Solihull before then end of the year, it remains to be seen whether this would be feasible or whether the risk remains too great.

Paul Blake – Area Group Contact: 01299 826022. pablake65@gmail.com

pat and Joyce Finch - taken By Dave Tilling
A Club Meet

Craftsmen at work on the layout!


Our Dates

No Indoor Meetings are planned for


For further details contact

Paul Blake 01299 826022



Diary Dates

Garden Visits

During 2019 eight garden Open Days were hosted members.


Dates for Open Days during 2019



Alan Eccles – Monday 6th May 2pm-5pm
0121 2438446


Dave Hollis – Saturday 1st June 2pm-5pm
Heath Hayes, Cannock
0154 3270653
Paul Blake – Sunday 9th June 1pm-6pm
01299 826022
Roy & Gerry Pedder – Saturday 22nd June 1 pm
0190 2752061


Laurie & Lin Smallwood – Saturday 6th July 1 pm
South Littleton, Evesham
0138 6831171

Eddie Hickey – Sunday 14th July 1 pm
01902 673292

Mike & Steve Thornhill – Sunday 28th July 2 pm to evening
0156 8614336


Dave Tilling – Saturday 10th August
Yardley 1pm-6pm
0121 7830917