Here at the G Scale Society we are always happy to help members and potential members. I am happy to receive any G Scale Society enquiry, however so that your query can be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible please first look at the table below to see if another officer of the Society would be the best person to direct your question to.


Eric Upton, Chairman – [email protected]


Advertising – tradeJulian Butcher[email protected]
Adverts – Private Sales and WantedIan Stringer[email protected]
Clothing – G Scale Society corporateRoy Pedder[email protected]
Diary Events – Submission ofAndy Worsfold[email protected]
General Issues – relating to G Scale
(Steam testing member: Eric Upton)
Ian Stringer[email protected]
Health and Safety – informationNigel Cooper[email protected]
Journal Articles – submission ofIan Stringer[email protected]
Journal BindersTBA
Journals – undeliveredFraser Neilson[email protected]
Membership Application LeafletsVacant[email protected]
Membership – joining and renewals.Fraser Neilson[email protected]
Website IssuesCurtis Stanier[email protected]
Publicity – attendance of Society’s publicity stand/layout at exhibitions, publicity banners.Roy and Gerry Pedder[email protected]
Society`s Financial Affairs, payments by Paypal.Paul Hunt[email protected]
Society’s Public Liability Insurance, copies of the Society’s PL certificate, members seeking to cover their own equipment.Vacant[email protected]
Unlikely event of not being able to contact the Chairman.Nigel Cooper[email protected]