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All members due to renew their membership with the Society should do so when prompted by a personal reminder email, or by looking at your address label that comes with your Journal, or the reverse of your membership card using an app on your mobile phone for reading a QR code. Please press the “Renew” button on your page and follow the guidelines. Before doing so make sure you have your credit/debit card in front of you.

Payment is made using “Stripe” (recommended) or Pay Pal, (You do not have to take out an account with Pay Pal to use it. Enter as a guest)

Please be aware that the Society has no facility to accept payment by any other method except cheques.

All those who were members before 20th May 2019 have the same date of 1st January each year although the renewal period is open from 1st December until 7th February. Renewal during this period guarantees receipt of your Spring Journal when published.

All members who joined after the 20th May 2019 have their own personal renewal date, shown as above. It is important that you try to renew as soon as possible as individual dates of renewal may be close to the issue of the next Journal.

Email acknowledgements are automatically sent to all members who register and keep a valid email address with the Society, whilst those who do not, should note that the arrival of the next journal after payment, is your receipt.

If you are too late in renewing to catch a particular Journal, spare copies can be purchased (whilst stocks remain) from the Membership Secretary at a cost of £5 each, including postage.

Normally there are no delays to renewals by on line methods.

Membership Secretary

We now have an additional method of payment known as “Stripe” which allows you to use your card to renew your membership, which will avoid the use of Pay Pal, if desired. Log on to your page on the web site and select “renew” followed by the first payment option and follow the instructions.

You can of course continue to use Pay Pal or send a cheque for the appropriate amount, made out to the “The G Scale Society”.

Membership Secretary
October 2021

Difficulty logging into the membership system?

If this is the case please send an e mail to the membership secretary at [email protected] with your new e mail address and this will be updated for you.

Would all members having difficulty logging into the Membership System get in touch with the Membership Secretary, first before attempting to renew as a new member. Those who are doing so are causing delay to renewals due to conversion back to original details.

If you are having problems please recall which e mail address you supplied previously, or did someone else give you their e mail address to make original contact? This is where many members are experiencing difficulty.

Simply get in touch first to find out which e mail address we hold for you.

Please do not contact any other Committee member or the web site as this will simply cause delay.
Your co-operation would be greatly appreciated.

Membership enquiries: [email protected]