Welcome to the G Scale Society

The home of garden railways with over 26 informal Area Groups in the UK.

Garden Railway Show Pictures

The home of garden railways with over 26 informal Area Groups in the UK.

Good Times and Great Friends

We operate a broad church and welcome families to join.

Membership Cheques and Covid 19

Membership Renewals   Whilst it remains preferrable not to send cheques during the continuing issues with the Covid 19 pandemic, it is understood that there may be those who do not have any other choice, or ability to do otherwise, including the now difficulty of...

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Product Caution & Warning

LGB have no idea what this product is and it has certainly not been offered by LGB or Marklin   We ask you all to be very careful! Disturbing LGB news today after several members have asked about this product "Track Magic" see above. After speaking to all the usual...

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Covid-19 and the partial lifting of lock-down

Partial lifting of lock-down  Covid-19 and the partial lifting of lock-down The Society very much appreciates that members are anxious for things to get back to ‘normal’, whatever that is likely to be, once this is all over. Please bear in mind that each country...

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Society Groups

There are now 26 Area Groups throughout the country. These groups enable members to meet socially, exchange modelling experiences and run their stock on other railways.

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