The G Scale Society is a UK based but global society for those in the hobby of running large scale trains at their home and in the garden.

What is G Scale?

G Scale is a size of model railways at a scale of 1:22.5 (or thereabouts) on 45mm wide (or gauge) track. This was largely created by the German manufacturer LGB in the 1960’s establishing the modern popular “Garden Railway” hobby, with their weather resistant and robust but realistic models.

Because of their size models in G generally tend to be stronger than the smaller “indoor” railways and thus stand up to being played with by children better. Many people find great pleasure in being able to share their hobby with all their family, together with the added benefit of everyone being in the garden.

The G Scale Society

The G Scale Society was formed in 1987, for those interested in large-scale model railways.

Within the Society there is a wide range of approaches to modelling, some run trains “out of the box” and build up large operating railways, whilst others will build trains virtually from scratch to a very high scale standard. But you’ll find ideas being shared between both extremes, in part because the majority of layouts are in the garden which means there are plenty of shared interests!

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We’re always excited to welcome new members with an interest in G Scale Model Railways – whether they’re just getting started or just looking to meet like-minded friends.

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