Getting Started in G Scale Model Railways

G-Scales model trains are a fascinating hobby for individuals of all ages. These model trains come in a range of sizes and styles, allowing hobbyists to create their own miniature world, learn new skills and make new friends.

For those considering the hobby, here are some things to consider when getting started in the world of G Scale

  1. Space: Consider the space you have available to create your layout and how you want to work it into that space. Some have smaller layouts in their attic, others reserve only a part of their garden for the hobby and some are happy to store in boxes and set it up when it is time to play. You can see how some of our members have built their layouts. G Scale model trains are larger than other model trains, so you’ll need to keep space in mind when.
  2. Equipment: G scale model trains come in many different shapes and sizes, so you’ll want to make sure you have the right equipment for your layout. G scale trains typically require a larger power supply than other model trains so other equipment may not be suitable.
  3. Maintenance: many G-Scalers put their layout in the garden. There is always maintenance to do on model railways and now you’re combining this with the garden and the elements of the outdoor.

In conclusion, G scale model trains can be an incredibly rewarding hobby. From choosing the right equipment to creating a believable layout, there are many aspects to consider when getting started. However, with the right resources, patience, and a passion for the hobby, you can create a beautiful miniature world that you’ll be proud to show off.

If you’re interested in learning more about G Scale, our society is a community of people always happy share more about the hobby. We have over 25 Local Area Groups across the UK hosting meets in community halls, open days in their gardens and layouts at exhibitions. Either reach out to one of the group leaders via the Local Area Groups Page or look for one of the upcoming Events near you. You can pop along to ask questions and see what our hobby is about.

Another great source of information is from a specialist G-Scale and Garden Railway Retailers. Many of these are hobbyists themselves with many years experience supporting their customers and their own railways. You can find an extensive list of retailers on our Buy G-Scale page.

If you’re looking to start out, some of the manufactures offer starter sets which include everything you need to get going – include a locomotive and two wagons, a circle or track and a power pack for between £300-400. They often make a great addition around the bottom of a Christmas tree or laying out in the garden and are a common way for those dipping their toes into the hobbies. These starter sets, along with an extensive range of other products to grow to your railway team, are available at most specialist retailers.

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