Jackson’s Miniatures started in 1989 when Vera Jackson opened “The Welsh Doll House” in Brecon Road, Abergavenny (South Wales). As well as selling generally available doll house miniatures, Vera developed her own line of products, which other businesses began to purchase to sell in their own shops. In 1993 Vera decided to sell “The Welsh Doll House” (which has since closed) and concentrate on supplying trade customers with her unique and expanding range of “Jackson’s Miniatures”.

In 1994 the business moved from Abergavenny and was briefly located in Dorset and then Devon, before moving to Epsom, Surrey, in 1995, where it remained for 7 years. In that time, Jackson’s Miniatures prospered and grew, and in 2002 Vera persuaded her son, Steve, to take over running the business on a full time basis. He had been helping with the administrative side of Jackson’s Miniatures for a while, but he was beginning to find that his unpaid part time job was taking up more time than his full time paid employment in London!

As part of the change in management the business was incorporated as a limited company and moved to its current premises in Gillingham, Dorset. Jackson’s Miniatures continues to specialise in manufacturing 1/12th and 1/24th scale doll house miniatures in Britain, though the business has also expanded into producing a range of affordable garden railway building kits. 



Website: https://www.jacksonsminiatures.com/

Email: retail_enquiries@jacksonsminiatures.com

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