G Scale Society Strapline

There are now 26 Area Groups throughout the country (see Map) and more will be organised as membership increases.  These groups enable members to meet socially, exchange modelling experiences and run their stock on other railways.

Area Group News Pages on this website

Devon and Cornwall Group

East Midlands Area Group

East Sussex Area Group

Essex Area Group

Mid Wales & Marches Group

North East and North Yorkshire Area Group

North West Group

Kent Area Group

West Midland Area Group

West Sussex Area Group

Solent Area Group

Surrey Area Group

The Three Counties

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This icon is used to denote the approximate location of each area group.  Note: On slow Internet connections the icons will take a few moments to appear.  Click on an icon to reveal details of an area group.

The map can be scrolled and zoomed, in and out of, using the buttons in the top left hand corner of the map.  The map can also be scrolled by dragging with a mouse. Some area groups maintain a website.  Links to these are available in the left hand navigation bar. Links to external websites will open in a new window.


G Scale Society Strapline

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