Blythe Valley is erected at our monthly meets for members to run their trains. The picture opposite shows the layout when still under development. The lower pictures show the layout with its new backscene, created by Dave Tilling.

Blythe Valley can be set up to run all trains under analogue control, or to have two of its four tracks using analogue control and its other two tracks running digital control. Our third option allows us to have all four tracks under digital control. This final option offers the greatest operational flexibility.
Whichever operating set up is used members are able to run battery controlled or live steam rolling stock.

The New Extension

An additional line is being added to the front of the layout (left) to link the turntable to a new extension which will host a number of sidings (right).

The aim is to allow people to perform shunting operations if they wish. It is hoped that this will add operational interest to the add operational interest.