The Story

Oliver’s first adventure into the garden started with the idea of building a shelf in my carport and running my uncles old analogue HO Fleischmann set. This worked well during the summer months but not very well during autumn.

Oliver’s first foray into the garden with his H0 Fleischmann set

It was September 2021 when l decided to go G scale and build a proper outdoor garden railway but all high level. Building shelving and bridges proved a challenge but it was the best option for my garden. I also like operating trains at eye level.

Oliver’s track plan for his carport layout

All the rolling stock and engines are DR and DB because l remember them during my childhood trips to Germany visiting family. I was fascinated with different colours on the engines and passenger carriages during the 1970s. Also remember seeing one of the last regular steam freight trains running in Gelsenkirchen during 1976.

It’s nice trying to recreate some childhood memories on my G scale layout. Fitting signalling and a high level station building would be nice eventually.

Building a Wye junction into the layout proved most useful with the ability to turn trains and then shunt them into sidings which l particularly enjoy using the low geared DB v260 shunter.


The Background




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