Membership Information

(This document is not exhaustive, so if you cannot find what you are looking for, please email the Membership Secretary at [email protected])

The following information is for all current and new members who have joined or wish to join the G Scale Society.

 What are the current joining and re-joining fees?

The fees are all inclusive of postage, are subject to amendment at any time. They are currently as follows.

£25 for all adult members.

£30 for all adult members, and up to four additional family members. Eligible for only 1 Journal per household. Known as Family Membership.

£35 for all adult members overseas

£40.00 for Family Membership overseas.

Half the above respective rates are applied for all Junior Member applications (up to 18 years of age) who will receive their own copy of the Journal. It is prudent to consider Family Membership before joining. (Only one Journal per household)

How do I go about it joining as a new member?

Joining the Society on line has three options for payment.

Pay by Debit or credit card using “Stripe” (recommended) or Pay Pal (if you do not have an account you can enter as a guest. Payment by either method, gives you confidence that your money has reached its intended destination.

You can also renew on line then send a cheque instead of paying on line, but you must do so withing 7 days.

To join without the use of on-line facilities you can do so by cheque, by completing a current application form, or download one from the web site, and posting it to the Membership Secretary at 56 Stamperland Drive, Clarkston, Glasgow G76 8HF (UK banks only). Cash or cheque payments can also be accepted at shows, or wherever we may be represented, provided you complete a current application form (an email address is essential).

Cheques should be made payable to “The G Scale Society” for the appropriate amount.

You cannot join the Society using you debit or credit card over the telephone or direct to any Society Bank Account.

Following your payment by whatever method you choose, you will receive an on-line acknowledgement, followed by a joining pack if an email address is provided, and for others, receipt of your joining pack will be your acknowledgement.

What should I do if I am a former member wishing to re-join and have an old-style membership card and membership number?

If you have not renewed for up to 1 year after the date on which you were due to renew you can renew on line by following the instructions. This will mean you can retain your old membership number, but you will be issued with a 1 year rolling membership renewal date from the date on which you renew, not they calendar year end as was the practice in the past. This ensures that no matter when you join in any year you will still receive the next four published journals. You must still be in possession of your plastic membership card.

If you wish to renew after this period, you will require to join as a new member when you will receive a new one year rolling membership along with a new number and you will be sent a new membership card.

Membership cards remain valid year on year provided timeous renewal is made when requested.

As a current member in any category, what do I do to renew my membership and when is this due?

Membership renewals for all categories are due one year after you first joined and at the same time each year thereafter.

It is not one of my priorities to remember this renewal date. Do I receive any notification?

Every member in receipt of a Journal will find their membership number and renewal date beside their address on the cover sheet accompanying every journal posted to you. If you have provided an email address and kept it up to date, you will receive several reminders from 28 days before your renewal date. Reminders apply to all renewals due for that address, whether they are Full/Junior or Family, Other forms of reminder can be found in several articles in the winter journal and on the web site.

Renewals should be made as timeously as possible after your first reminder. It is a member’s responsibility to renew their membership and not rely on any reminder or journal article to prompt them.

What will I expect once I have joined or renewed my membership?

Members who provide an email address and keep it up to date, can review and update their details on-line. An auto response will follow as a means of confirmation.

Where no e mail address is provided by any renewal source chosen, or there is an inability or unwillingness to use the database, members can email, write to, or telephone the Membership Secretary to advise changes they wish made, including provision of an email address for the first time.

What should I do if I become aware that my current copy of the journal has not arrived, but other friends/associates have received their copies?

You must first check that you renewed your membership, if you are convinced that you have renewed for the current year, get in touch by e mail (preferred method) quoting your membership number, and advise accordingly. This will give the Membership Secretary the opportunity to investigate before replying with an appropriate response.

Phone calls can be made to the Membership Secretary, any day between 10am and 9pm except between 12.30pm and 2pm and 5pm and 7pm, up until 9pm, but again names, membership numbers and telephone contact numbers should be to hand if asked for, as the person answering may be doing so in the absence of the Membership Secretary and will not be able to process your inquiry.

What do I do if I want an extra journal or would like back issues from before I joined?

Members requiring a current extra journal, where, for example, they may have an article included in that issue, should contact the Membership Secretary, who will arrange for them to be sent out, subject to availability. All additional copies are subject to a charge, inclusive of postage costs, paid in advance.

If there are no copies remaining, what else can I do?

From time to time, G Scale Society Journals become available from members collections and may be obtained through a sales ad in the current journal, or there may be someone in your local group who may be able to assist you.

What do I do if I want to contact another G Scale member elsewhere?

Data Protection has precluded the sharing of members details, but if a request to contact another member is made to the Membership Secretary, a simple procedure will be enacted at that time.

What do I do if I lose my Badge or Membership Card?

You should get in touch with the Membership Secretary who will arrange for a replacement to be sent to you, although you may be able to collect one at a show where the Society Publicity team is in attendance. There will be a charge for each item lost. Membership cards cannot be replaced, so you will require to be supplied with a new card and new membership number. Badges are also available to purchase on line from our on-line shop.

What do I do if I have to change my e mail address?

If you know your new e mail address before your old one becomes unavailable, you can update it on the system yourself by entering the system with old e mail address. Make the change then use your new e mail address in future.

What do I do if I no longer wish to be a member of the Society?

You can terminate your membership at your renewal date by informing the Membership Secretary to remove all your details from the database. You cannot do this yourself.

Can I receive periodical information on-line?

Certain information is made available to all members on line who have provided and maintained an up-to-date email address. This can range from membership fee changes to news items or important announcements.

For those without email addresses, the same information will be made available in the next issue of the journal.