Calling all G-Scale Society members! Are you ready to showcase your passion and be a part of something extraordinary? We invite you to contribute your video content and clips to our G-Scale Society’s promotional material. Your footage has the power to captivate and inspire others, fueling their interest in this wonderful hobby. Whether you’re an experienced model train aficionado or just starting out, your unique perspective and creativity can help us spread the joy of G-Scale far and wide.

By sharing your videos with us, you’ll become an integral part of our vibrant G-Scale community and play a pivotal role in attracting new members to our society. Imagine seeing your trains gracefully chugging along in our promotional videos, catching the eyes and hearts of fellow enthusiasts around the globe. Your footage could be the spark that ignites a newfound love for G Scale in someone’s life, introducing them to a world of miniature marvels, scenic landscapes, and the joy of creating their own unique rail journey. So, grab your camera, capture the magic of your Garden Railway, and join us in promoting this incredible hobby to the world. Together, we can bring more people into the fold, fostering a thriving community that cherishes the beauty and artistry of G-Scale model railways.

Tips for getting great video shots

The films we aim to show a very wide range of garden railways, settings, people and models. We need to show people, young and old, enjoying the hobby and having fun, and this is where you can help by submitting clips of your railways. Obviously not every clip submitted can be included, but the more we have to choose from the better.

  • The clips should be filmed in high definition (1920×1080 pixels) or 4K. (All modern smart photos will film at these resolutions).
  • The video clips should also be in landscape mode, not portrait.

It would be really useful if you could also tell us a little bit about you and/or your railway. Some examples might be, what got you started, what stock you run, how your locos are powered/controlled or technical challenges you faced and how you overcame them. This list is far from exhaustive. You can submit this as a text file or for those of you brave enough as a sound file or video of you talking about your railway.

If your video includes people then you must get their permission before you submit it. Be careful not to refer to anyone by name, especially children, and do not reveal the location of your railway or give any clues as to its whereabouts. If your clips are selected to be included in any of the videos then you may be asked to sign a release form.

How to submit video content

The best way to submit your video clips is to use the WeTransfer ( service. This is a free service for files up to 2GB in size. Use as the recipient and it’ll be delivered to Keith. Please include a message with the name of your railway and something about it.